COVID Memorial Day - COVIDDayUS

Covid Day

Is a national remembrance day that spotlights the invisible awareness of the immense loss of life to COVID-19, with no safe way to gather and celebrate memories of the victims.

On February 28, 2021 - the day our lives changed forever after the first COVID-19 victim's death

We are asking individuals and organizations to join together in whatever way you are able to.

Every person who died of COVID-19 was loved by others and is deeply missed. Every ONE counts.

In spite of and because of our differences, We are ONE nation.

United we can heal. 

Covid Day Ceremony

No matter where you are or what you are doing on Feb 28, 2021 Stop at 1pm.

Form a heart with your hands or your fingers and look to the sky. Stand for a minute of silence and SEE THEM.

After that minute simultaneously break the silence by saying the names of all of the people you know that died of Covid-19 all at once.

If you film it, #CovidDayUS #SeeThem

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