United in Grief, we Honor Them

Covid Day: February 28, 2021

COVID-19 deaths affect all of us as a nation. Covid Day’s mission is to unite America in paying tribute to the victims. 

We chose February 28, 2021 because it marks the date of the first confirmed death from COVID-19 in the USA.


In addition to the Remembrance, Covid Day also strives to connect and unite all other grassroots COVID-19 organizations. Together we are stronger.


Join us on the Board of Directors by filling out the form below. Once we gather together a “core group” of Founders, we will begin the process of formalizing as a non-profit.

Remember Together.

Sharidan Sotelo

Sharidan Sotelo

Founder of Save My Date/Names Not Numbers

Sharidan Sotelo is a public artist and filmmaker. her project FILL the WELL poetic, based on the California Drought showed her the power of the physical act of public writing.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit she was inspired by the AIDS quilt to create Save My Date/Names Not Numbers, a handwritten safer at home expression of grief by the surviving families of those we lost.

SMDNNN is about making the invisible impact of Coronavirus visible and turning the numbers into names.


Jessica Murray

Jessica Murray

Founder of St. Louis Covid Memorial

Jessica Murray is a cross-platform marketer who loves making WordPress websites, photography, and her pet cockatoos (in no particular order). Launching GreenLeaf Market in the historically disenfranchised Northside of St. Louis in 2019, taught her the incredible power of community and connecting with others from all walks of life.

She started StLouisCovidMemorial.com after feeling helpless and overwhelmed by the numbers of people dying of COVID-19 both nationally and locally. 


We’re seeking other board members and people who want to help make a national day of rememberence for COVID-19 victims. Join us as we organize and gain momentum! 

Simply fill out the contact form below and we’ll respond ASAP. 

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